Virtual Machines

Virtual Machines

Deploy immediately

Unmanaged for all your workflows

Easy to manage interface showing you critical information on resource utilization and Virtual Network Computing (VNC) if something goes wrong.

DDoS Protection.
By default all VMs have stateless protection from L3/4 attacks.
OS Installs.
Install new operating systems whenever you need or simply to reset your virtual machine.
Automated and manual backups can be set from the user interface and restored in a reasonable manner.
virtfusion screenshot

General Purpose VPS Plans

Name Memory Threads Storage Bandwidth Price Purchase
1GBDallas 1GB 1 15GB 1000GB $3.75
2GBDallas 2GB 1 30GB 2000GB $6.50
4GBDallas 4GB 1 60GB 4000GB $12.00
8GBDallas 8GB 2 120GB 8000GB $23.00
12GBDallas 12GB 3 180GB 12000GB $34.00
16GBDallas 16GB 4 240GB 16000GB $45.00
24GBDallas 24GB 6 320GB 24000GB $67.00
32GBDallas 32GB 8 480GB 32000GB $88.00


Network Map

High Performance Virtualized

The Anchored Way!

If you are a fan of managing your own servers yet need an affordable option for deployment on a speedy network; we have you covered!

DDoS Protection

Let us know your needs in a ticket and we can apply all the firewall rules stat!

Control Panel

Simple to use control panel that depics utilization of your current resources.

Unmetered Bandwidth

All packages recieve 10TB of high speed bandwidth before being limited the rest of the term at 25Mb/s.

High Performance

Our virtual machines we have designed to be of top tier performance and handle a variety of tough wordloads well.


We ensure that our services are in reach of gamers who'd like to start building their community today.

Helpful Support

We are here to help you with anyy technical support needs.

VNC Support

Direct connection to your VPS in the case of misconfigured networking interfaces.

L7 Filters

We can apply networking filters for applications you are running on your VM.

Need help?
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Anchored Hosting prides itself on providing exceptional support to its customers. We understand that selecting the right plan can be a challenging task, which is why we are committed to working with you every step of the way. Our knowledgeable and friendly support staff will guide you through the process, answering any questions you may have and ensuring that you have a clear understanding of all available options. At Anchored Hosting, we believe that our success is dependent on your success, and we are dedicated to providing you with the highest level of support possible.